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Natural processed coffee as Espresso.

A berry-dried coffee versus a washed coffee has distinct characteristics.

roasted coffee. To the left a washed coffee - has a white stripe in the middle. Honey process has a bit more brown line in the middle, natural has a dark line
Washed, honey or Natural

There can be fruity delicate tones or sharp, unforgettable acidity. A natural coffee works well in espresso machines because it offers more sweetness. Sweetness develops in the ripening process. In this sweetness, caffeine also develops. Because the berries are quite clever, precisely, this corresponds to caffeine. With caffeine, the berries protect themselves against insects that feed on their sweet tones. A natural espresso is like listening to a great calypso record from the Tropics. It exudes life, filled with colors and slightly quirky flavors that may not fully grasp. These are the moments you get for free with a natural espresso.

Manual Espresso Machine

On a manual espresso machine, pre-infusion is the way to go. With pre-infusion, you have the opportunity to extend the brewing process. You extract more flavors. Therefore, it's essential to narrow down the variables before brewing the espresso.

Let's boil it down to the essentials.

  • Cleanliness: A dirty knife makes dirty food. The same goes for coffee. Cleanliness is essential to brew a fabulous espresso.

  • Coffee-to-Water Ratio: For a good espresso, you have three ratios.

  • Grind Size.

  • Brew time.

Natural processed coffee, ratios.

  • 1:1, e.g., 18g espresso ground - 18g water.

  • 1:2, e.g., 18g espresso ground - 36g water.

  • 1:3, e.g., 20g espresso ground - 60g water (Americano?)

If the question is:

Good espresso machine - bad grinder


Bad espresso machine - good grinder

What would you choose?

The answer is a good grinder is a better investment than a fancy machine. Here is why: a good grinder will make sure the pressure can be compensated, tweaked, or prolonged.

  • Time: A natural espresso should have a long and soft extraction. Pre-infusion is good. If your machine doesn't have it, you can start by pressing the start button on the machine - then brew. This way, you soak the espresso and then extract all the juice.

Tips and Tricks

A cool thing to play with, if you have a manual espresso machine like Rancilio Silvia or similar, is to do pre-infusion. Turn on the brewer for 2 seconds, then wait 4 seconds before running the rest of the shot.

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