Our Coffee Bar

Geoffrey the mean bean machine

Geoffrey, our very own Mean Bean Machine

We are a small shop roaster right outside Trondheim city center and we are a friendly bunch of coffee geeks. We love geeking out over being recipes, grind sizes and extraction, but what we love the most is serving something we care so passionately about to our wonderful guests.

Kenneth and Tony Welcoming Nichole to Norway after she took our coffee on a world tour
Welcoming our good friend Nichole to our shop after she took our coffee on a world tour.

We always say that coffee is nothing without people. That is why we always try to emphasise the human aspect of coffee. Coffee is something that brings people tougher like few other. Coffee has played a crucial part in history and has been at the center of many historical events. The reason fo that is that anyone can get together over a cup of coffee. You can discuss everything from politics to last weeks dancing with the stars, have a romantic moment or a heated argument. All over a cup of coffee. 


This is what we like so much about our jobs! We get to meet new people everyday. Hear about how their day has been, tell stories, predict the future, all while brewing an awesome cup of coffee.


 Photo: Hyggelaget

Opening hours
Mon - Fri     07:00 - 17:00                                             
Sunday       11:00 - 17:00
Saturday     09:00 - 17:00