Jacobsen og Svart is a coffee roastery in Trondheim. Focused on to roast the most attractive coffee in the market by direct trade, handpicked and fair-pay to the farmers. We brew to the best of our abilities to honour the farmers and guests and everything we do in the bar We believe that creating small moments of happiness is important to win the day. We simply want everybody to win the day and have a great moment with us.
Jacobsen og Svart is about giving back to the community. Taking the first step to standardise coffee as how it should be, in every market. We simply want great coffee, from great farmers to reach out to as many people as possible. Because we think that this is the way coffee should be. We also believe in paying liveable wages, prices and premisses for our product.
In 2015 Jacobsen og svart coffee shop came to life. It was immediately a success. We are still growing and the roaster is a part of the shop. What we do is not a secret thing, in a matter of fact competitors have learned me that it is not important to have secrets, it is the sharing and believing that is the key. Walk the steps together and think as an industry. Only by that you can change something. It takes people to changes stuff, not a thing, a creation or a cup. That doesn’t change a rats ass. Its the believe, the faith and the matter that you are made of that changes stuff. It woudnt be possible with out the team of people that  I see as my beloved family. We are here to build a community of positive energy and growth spirit to create a small moments of happiness for you every morning!