We offer our greats selection of coffees to restaurants, cafes, offices, hotels and events. We are more than willing to share our information about the industry and our experience of opening a coffee shop. We aim to make you better, to help you solve your problems and needs. We have the equipment needed to get started no matter what your budget is.

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Jacobsen og Svart is about more than roasting exceptional coffee. We understand that building relationships with retail partners who share our commitment to excellence is fundamental to our success. At Jacobsen og Svart we strive to capture the hard work that goes into creating a great product and we are committed to the success of your coffee program.




We offer fun and involving courses with great insights in the third wave industry. We offer cupping, crop to cup courses, barista courses and newbie roasting classes. We always make sure to be on the top of the game when it comes to knowledge and how-to’s in the industry. For coffee shops we offer free entrance to the bar, barista training and knowledge about how we roast our coffees .Our mission is to make you succeed if you are a private, business, barista, roaster or a owner of a commercial outlet.




We are here to help. We can assist you with pricing, menu development, equipment selection and purchasing, cafe bar layout, and much more.If you are passionate about coffee and would like to learn about using our products and services in your shop (or office), please tell us a little about your business and we’ll get back to you shortly:



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For questions regarding courses contact Daniel Guy Report at daniel@jacobsensvart.no

For questions regarding coffee orders and coffee equipment contact Kenneth Robertsen at kenneth@jacobsensvart.no

For questions regarding events in the bar, bar related or personal related things contact Jort Thomas Reitsma at jort@jacobsensvart.no

For questions regarding media and press, admin tasks and overall business contact Tony Jacobsen at brenneriet@jacobsensvart.no