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Julekaffe - El Salvador

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Villa Gaudelupe, El Salvador.

We have been buying coffee from what we mean and feel is one of the best farms in El Salvador since 2012 (when Jacobsen & Svart). Jose Antonio Salaverria is the 5th generation coffee farmer.

Villa Guadalupe is the latest farm to be part of the JASAL project. Villa Guadalupe is neighbouring Guadalupe 1 and 2, and is 11.9 hectares. The plantation is mostly known for having an ideal micro- climate for coffee cultivation and for its nice tall bourbon and pacamara trees.

Variety: Pacamara
Processing: Pulped natural
Crop year: 2018
Great aroma. Super intense, black currant like fruit, with papaya, pineapple and seabuckthorn, and berry yoghurt. Complex. Good depth, nice juicy flavors, rich.
Jose Antonio has invested in medical care, rainforest allience, education, food and hospitality for his workers and on the top of it the coffee is truly amazing. So we think Jose Antionio deserves to be on our Christmas spirit list this year.
Merry Christmas!