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Cascara, Dried coffee cherry, Costa Rica 100 gram

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Origin: Costa Rica, West Valley
Producer: Ricardo Perez, Helsar de Zarcero 
Masl: 1500-1800 Meters .

Cascara ref. to the coffee cherry, which is possible to extract and make delicious tea on. The tea comes in pulped berries, Carefully dried under very controlled conditions.

Cascara is normally a bi-product of coffee production. Normally used as fertilizers, but when dried carefully and under controlled conditions you can make tea on it. It's a health bomb as its packed with antioxidants. It's for sure coffee as coffee is a berry which name is Coffea Arabica, but it's not roasted so it will be cherries at its purest forms. You can make hot tea from it or make a cold brew. It's a really elegant flavor which has a good depth. We have also tried experimenting with it making a "te-knert" which is booze and tea. It's a fun product to infuse with gin as an example.

Richardo collab. with a university in Costa Rica to develop a better way of making a cascara. It's a great alternative to coffee as it has some caffeine, but not near enough the coffee that is roasted. Ricardo's tedious facilities for making cascaras is advanced and nerdly controlled (which we love). After the pulping of the cherries the coffee cherry is treated with water, then it goes through a damp construction where the cascara gets heated very fast to kill the bacterias in the berry. After the damping the cascara is treated in a de-hydrator to remove the remaing moisture.

This is one of the wildest cascaras we have ever tasted on the market.

How to brew: 2,5 gram cascara pr 100 gram water. Contact time: 3,5 min.