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Berry Christmas, Ethiopia, Natural, 250g

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Have a Berry Christmas

As  our Berry Christmas this year, we wanted a Super sweet  and fruity coffee.

After tasting many different types we landed on a coffee from coffee's homeland, Ethiopia.
It is from the Guji region and is processed at a mill called Mormora, run by Yishak Assef.

This is a coffee that in our opinion fits well as a good old-fashioned Kokekaffe, drunk in front of the fireplace, wrapped in a wool blanket!

It has deep fruity tones but at the same time a fresh and lasting acidity.

Ethiopia is kind of like Disneyland for coffee lovers!
Coffee is one of the country's largest export products, while the locals also drinks a lot of coffee. This creates a lot of competition, while frequent legislative changes and strict trading guidelines make it difficult to keep track of all the information that comes with the coffee.

We are very concerned with traceability and want to know where our money goes when we buy coffee. This is a major challenge in Ethiopia as most of the coffee production comes from small farmers who deliver coffee to a washing station. From there, coffee is often mixed and you lose knowledge of where it comes from. This may cause farmers not to get what they deserve for their coffee.

This coffee has been picked by hand, processed by hand, dried with care and we are as sure as we can be that those who picked it have gotten what they deserve!

Christmas is about good food and time with family and friends, but Yishak Assef's dedication makes it even better!