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Where to eat and drink coffee in Trondheim

"Jacobsen & Svart is the best coffee bar in Trondheim. A small space with a modern Scandinavian interior on the Bakklandet side of the river Nidelva. Head barista Tony Jacobsen has roasted coffee since 2012, competed as a barista for years, and opened his own store in 2015. He's usually found behind the bar himself."

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Coffee Connects

Coffee Connects Nichole Baker aka Global village Nichole have been travelling around the world. She made coffee to Turkish carpet dealers, refugees, on the highest mountain tops and under the sea (while diving). It's a Norwegian kind of thing. "Ta en kaffe". Which means meeting up. In this small, unpretentious meetings people make big decisions, small decisions, fall in love, get to know each other, catch up, take a break, smalltalk, joke about things, just sit in silence and many other things. To share a moment together is for me a kind of Japaneese mindset, especially if the product that you gather around (coffee) is perfected and brewed carefully. Now. That's the essence of Jacobsen & Svart. That is, the...

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Jacobsen & Svart coffee roasters cascara brew

We have been working with lactobacillus lately to prove that these bacterias camouflage terrior. But something good came out of it. We found a recipe for making a nice cascara brew with loads of sweetness and a flavor that reminds me of great fruit juice.  Heres the recipe: 1 litre of water Lactobacillus 3 spoons of raw sugar 30 grams of cascara Let it ferment in 24 hours. Use a sieve to seperate the cascara from the liquid. Pick out the white lumps as they are the lactobacillus, wash them in 40 celsius water and store them in a jar. Put the liquids in the fridge and voila, have fun.

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